The Gardens & Red River's Origin


A garden and river sites combine is basically a little escape from the intoxicating feeling and lets you inhale a fresh atmosphere once in a while. The garden builds around the sources of the Llobregat  River and the factory. We will wander through the cultivate and we will come over the various resplendent railings and flower beds, fountains, bridges, waterfall, squares, viewpoint, benches, and also the sculptures, among the other things. Antoni Gaudi made the Artigas Garden as a thanksgiving to the Artigas Family who allowed him to stay in their home for a while. This is not only a beautiful architectured garden but also a reminder that if you are shown kindness to, you must also give them the same. One of the Artigas Garden’s resources is the Llobregat River, it is located in Northeastern Spain that has a  total length of  170  kilometers that ends in the  Mediterranean  Sea.  This river alongside Ter and other small basins supply the Barcelona Metropolitan District with 4.4 million inhabitants.

This place will surely take your breath away with its natural beauty and art exhibits. Make sure to make a stop in Artigas Garden and Llobregat River to feed your artistic soul with beautiful artworks.