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The Cliffs and The Sau


If you love trying unique adventures, you must visit the Tavertet Cliffs and the Sau. These places contain unusual but beautiful physiques and are located in Catalonia. The town found here is built of natural and local materials which makes it even more attractive. The sunken village of Sant Rome de Sau can be found under the cliffs and is an interesting place to visit. Make memorable moments wandering around the Tavertet Cliff and Sant Rome de Sau.

On this tour, it is not only a cliff from the Tavertet but also the Sau Reservoir that is near the cliff. The Sau Reservoir is located onto the Ter River, one of the rivers and basins that supply the Barcelona Metropolitan District. The Reservoir has a measure of about 83 meters for the altitude/height and 260 meters for the latitude/length. The wideness and depth of it are the reason why it can store water for about 151.3 hm³. The Reservoir is good for water activities and has magnificent carps, but keep in mind that you can’t kill them and that they are protected species. You can see the beauty of the villages near the cliff and make the most out of it. Take pictures to cherish this great memory with a great view with your friends, family, or even by yourself.

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