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The Templars & Ebro River Tour


On this tour, we will discover the historical events of the Templars and the Ebro River. The Templars and the Ebro Rivers have an exciting story that needs to be told. The Ebro River was once used as the divider between the Republic of Rome and Carthaginians after the first punic war in 264 BC until 241 BC.


The Miravet Castle is a Templar fortification built in the 12th century on a peak that overlooks the entire territory. The Moors built Miravet's village and castle, which the Templars restored after the conquest in 1153. It is considered to be Catalonia's greatest fortified complex and one of the finest examples of Romanesque, religious, and military architecture in the Western world. And if you’re interested to know more then you must go on this tour.

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