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Sagrada Familia Experience Tour


Wander around the world of one of Antoni Gaudi's awe-inspiring works in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia. The Basílica de la Sagrada Família is the world's largest and most splendid Roman Catholic Church yet it is still unfinished. The famous architect makes the church unique and this church is due for completion in 2026, just in time for the centennial of Gaudi's death. 


When you're in Barcelona, it is a must to wander at the UNESCO World Heritage site. Our tour begins with the facade of the Birth, which depicts Jesus' childhood using common characters and animals. The facade of the Suffering Way is next and followed by the last few weeks of Jesus' life. It shows the Stations of the Cross that leads to the Crucifixion. Finally, we'll look at the facade of Bliss or the Salvation Way, it is Gaudi´s interpretation of the last judgment, hell, and salvation. This tour is ideal for art and culture lovers.


Experienced Tour Guide

Skip the line entrance

1.5-hour maximum tour


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