Peniscola Tour


A nature paradise gifted with pristine ocean blue water, beautiful scenery, and artistic architecture. You can have fun on the glistering beach, different cuisine, and leisure activities, the perfect destination to visit and have a relaxing vacation. Enjoy a romantic and relaxing getaway.


On this tour, we are going to visit Peniscola. It is located in the province of Castellon, hence dubbed as the "Santorini of Castellon". It is known as the City in the Sea in which you can see Mediterranean beaches and a town caged inside medieval castle walls. Also, a Pope who was known as "Anti-Pope" used to live in this castle. Peniscola is a dream place for someone who's into history, beaches, sun, and old towns. In addition to these wonderful facts about Peniscola, it is also one of the most famous filming locations in whole Europe. In 2016, the famous series Game of Thrones took several scenes here for its 6th season. Come with us and enjoy a tour filled with lots of history here in Peniscola.