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Peniscola Tour


Be captivated by one of Spain's most beautiful towns: Peniscola.
This beautiful medieval seaside village along the Mediterranean coast is a nature paradise. You will leave with incredible memories of its glistening beaches, beautiful scenery, and exquisite architecture.
Meaning "almost an island,' Peniscola seems almost surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Only a narrow strip of land connects it to the mainland. Thus, it's dubbed "The City in the Sea."
Peniscola is filled not only with beauty but also with a rich history. Inside the walled city, a majestic Templar castle stands high and proud atop a rocky cliff. Walking along the winding cobbled streets will take you to a time of knights and an antipope who sought sanctuary in the castle. Stop now and then to take in breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Climb to the castle’s highest point and gaze over the endless sea, the same sea that Pope Benedict XIII would scan for the ship that never came for him.
The stunning sight of this medieval fortified city makes Peniscola a favorite filming location. The famous TV series "Game of Thrones" shot several scenes here, as did other films like "El Cid."
Enjoy a day of history, beauty, and nature in Peniscola. We take care of all the logistics and details so you can be fully present during the whole tour. With our friendly, knowledgeable tour guide, you will come away from your Peniscola trip with richer experiences and knowledge.

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