Mont Rebei Canyon


Experience the breathtaking passageways over the Montsec Mountain Range in this tour. Mont Rebei is the only large-scale canyon in Catalonia and is best known because of the route of the passageway in Montfalcó. Every season is perfect to visit and hike in this place, so if you’re up to hiking and crossing hanging bridges, Mont Rebei Canyon is already waiting for you.

The Mont Rebei Canyon has a pathway so that it is easy for everyone to cross through. Being safe on the tour is a must to have so we will guide you until the end of this tour. The Mont Rebei Canyon has a 16 kilometers length and an elevation of 900 meters at most. While on this tour you will come across a hanging bridge and also beautiful scenery that will pay off your efforts until the end.

Our lives are too short to lay low and do nothing, so be more active and get your heart pumped not only because of the tour but also with the place. The effort to walk is not wasted, being able to enjoy your time with your friends or by yourself is not also a problem. The Mont Rebei Canyon is beautiful in photos but it is more mesmerizing if you are there taking real-time photos. The beauty of natural structured stones with unique forms is quite the view, so come and visit this nerve-wracking destination with us.