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Medieval Tours


The middle ages hold great historical importance worldwide, it was also a pivotal period for architecture and culture throughout Europe, especially Spain. BCN Montjuic Tourist Point will take you into the center of Spain's medieval architecture treasure chest. Let's visit the small towns and villages of Besalu, Rupit, and Tavertet. Immerse yourself in the rich medieval and Baroque architecture of these villages. Among the man-made wonders is Tavertet´s impressive sandstone cliffs.


Besalu has been recognized as a National Historical-Artistic Site due to its medieval town center. There is this one major highlight of Besalu that you will encounter once you visit it, and that's the medieval bridge. A stunning medieval bridge that crosses the Fluvia River and leads to an old town.  Rupit is a lovely medieval town stunningly set in spectacular natural surroundings. The town is utilized in stones, as well as houses, streets, squares, and bridges. Last is the Tavertet. Tavertet has some stunning areas, with woodlands and cliffs enclosed by the Ter valley providing a unique appeal. The Carrer de Dalt, Carrer del Mig, and Carrer de Baix have been part of the town's construction for years, and the town still has residences from the 18th and 19th centuries among its natural landscape.


Experienced Tour Guide

Private vehicle for your group

8-hour maximum tour


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