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Girona and Besalu Tour


Take a stroll across Catalonia, which is home to several fascinating and historically significant cities. Chief among these is the city of Girona and we'll also visit the medieval village of Besalu. Be transported to Spain's rich past, as you walk through one of the well-preserved & fortified cities in the world. 


Capture the beauty of Girona by wandering through the narrow streets and filming sites, then look at the colorful houses near the Onyar River. You can also enjoy your trip by walking along the medieval walls and be fascinated by the view over the city. Then, we'll roam around the village of Besalu which is famous for its Romanesque bridge. Walking inside this small town, through stone arches and gates will surely leave you awestruck.


Experienced Tour Guide

Private vehicle for your group

8-hour maximum tour


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