"Fabulous Yet Less Famous" Tour


The Sagrada Familia is the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of Architect Antoni Gaudi. It is Gaudi’s most famous work and it is still under construction today. But Gaudi is more than just the enormous cathedral in Barcelona, he also designed some structures that now belong in UNESCO World Heritage sites.


On this tour, we'll look at this great modernist architect’s lesser-known but fabulous works. We'll visit the Casa Mila, which is also known as La Pedrera. This is worth visiting because of its very unique structure. Then there's Casa Batllo, which was inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and underwater world. Then, we'll wander through the garden on the hill or the Park Guell. Finally, there's the Casa Vicens, an old house that is now a museum. If you want to learn more about architecture, and are interested in discovering Gaudi's work then grab your bag and let’s take a tour in Catalonia.


Experienced Tour Guide

Private vehicle for your group

8-hour maximum tour