B. PRIVATE. No more than 9 persons and must be accompanied by an official guide of Catalonia.


C. GROUP. 10 to 40 persons and must be accompanied by an official guide of Catalonia.


Prices for Individual / Private / Group


General: Basic - Starts from 17,00€: Basic + Tower - 26,00€

Student, Below 18 y/o: Basic - Starts from 15,00€: Basic + Tower -  24,00€


Senior Citizen: Basic - 14,00€: Basic + Tower - 20,00€


Below 6y/o, 65% Disabled 0,00€ but not allowed to go up the tower




Tour of the Sagrada Família for school groups. All groups must be accompanied by an official guide. School groups may be accompanied by an accredited teacher, who can provide explanations inside the temple. In this case, teachers must provide official documents showing they are responsible for the group they are accompanying at the entrance.

–Groups of 10 to 40 people (groups of more than 30 aren’t allowed to go in the museum).
-Students under 18 (infant, primary and secondary school).
–The group must stay together at all times, with teacher supervision.
–Teachers must show valid school ID to enter with the group. One teacher free per 15 students.
–Valid September to June.



Student: Basic: 12,00€: Basic + Tower - 19,00€

Student below 11 y/o: 0,00€


65% disabled: 0,00€ but not allowed to go up the tower


Pay Teacher: Basic - 12,00€: Basic + Tower 19,00€

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