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21-Day Europe Tour


If you’re up for a long, meaningful trip, this 21-day Europe Tour is perfect for you. Experience the streets and places around Europe and make this the best 21 days of your life.


Majority of hotels are 4-stars.

Buffet breakfast daily, eight(8) three-course dinners.

An air-conditioned coach with toilet.

Free souvenir items after the trip.

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Day 1: Arrive in London, England

Day 2: London

Day 3: London–Brussels, Belgium

Day 4: Brussels–Amsterdam, Holland

Day 5: Amsterdam–Rüdesheim, Germany–Rhineland

Day 6: Rhineland–Black Forest–Rhine Falls, Switzerland–Lucerne

Day 7: Lucerne

Day 8: Lucerne–Vaduz, Liechtenstein–Innsbruck, Austria–Munich, Germany

Day 9: Munich–Salzburg, Austria–Vienna

Day 10: Vienna

Day 11: Vienna–Venice, Italy

Day 12: Venice–Chianti Hills

Day 13: Chianti Hills–Assisi–Rome

Day 14: Rome

Day 15: Rome–Florence–Tuscany

Day 16: Tuscany–Pisa–Èze-French Riviera, France

Day 17: At Leisure in Nice

Day 18: Nice–Avignon–Lyon

Day 19: Lyon–Paris

Day 20: Paris

Day 21: Paris

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